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Cougars Middle School Football

Registration for our 2021 season is now OPEN!!

The Cougars Middle School football team plays in the Norseman Conference right here in Boone County! Teams include Union Raiders, Boone Rebels, Cooper Jags,  Highlands Blue Birds, Lexington Catholic, and new for this season Grant County! There will also be some non league games played against teams from around the tri-state!

Most games will be played at the Boone County Pee Wee Field.

2017 saw our 8th grade Cougars team win not only the NKYFL Senior Division Superbowl, but also the first championship title for the Norseman Conference! 2018 and 2019 were years of great improvements and player developments which will certainly carry over into the 2020 season! 2019 also saw our 12U Cougars bring home a National Championship from the Battle of Rocky Top!

All players must attend Conner Middle School or Camp Ernst Middle School and live in the Conner High School District.

Click the red bar below to register for the 2021 season!


Hebron Cougars Middle School Football requirments

  • Must attend Conner Middle School or Camp Ernst Middle School but live in the Conner High School District
  • Must Maintain passing grades during the season
  • Must be a 7th or 8th grade student

Joe Bucks

NKYA Director of Football

Phone: 814-242-3353

Tim Delph

Middle School Football Director

Jeff Hill

8th grade head coach

Timmy Hurst

7th Grade Head Coach

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